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How do I join my two She sheds together?

The wooden Sheshed is the perfect size room and it can even be used for accommodation. It fits a double, queen and with its 3 x 3 metre size can even fit a king size bed. For those who are following the tiny spaces trend for home living, maybe one small wooden shed is not enough!

The question often asked is…How do I join two sheds together?

The simplest and most cost-effective way would be to join your sheds with a deck. Two or more sheds could be connected by a common courtyard. If you placed your two sheds opposite each other you could also cover your deck area to make a weatherproof walkway.

A great idea that also has practical value, would be to connect two sheds with a carport. This would make a great car and storage space, something always needed and normally what we don’t have enough of.

If you want to get a bit more technical you could opt for a Gambrel roof to join two existing sheds.


Depending how close you placed your two sheds you would need to cut some of the sarking and fascia boards to fit. 

By shortening the roof on one side of each shed you could bolt them together side by side.


This would require a flashing and spouting to take away roof water.               

 If you didn’t mind a gap between your two sheds you could dispense with shortening the roof and just place them together.

The same flashing and spouting would be needed to take water away. Sitting a water tank at the back of your shed to collect the water would save on a soak pit being put in.

With building costs sky rocketing over recent years many people are choosing a smaller more environmental option. This cute wooden shed brings a great looking space to the tiny spaces trend that will definitely fit the budget.


This is written to the best knowledge and research of the writer. Sheshed and Homelandz take no responsibility for misguided, misused information. It is advised you get recommendation from a registered builder before undertaking any such work. You must also research what consents may be needed from your local council.

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