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Kent & Stowe Hand Held Daisy Grubber

Hand crafted, traditional, quality Stainless Steel Daisy Grubber


  • High quality stainless steel head
  • Handle made from beautiful ash wood, contoured for perfect comfortable grip
  • Efficient removal of stray daisies and weeds from lawn; effortless de-weeding
  • Cranked shaft to protect knuckles during work
  • 15 year guarantee


  • Ideal for use in grass and soil surface areas
  • Used for removal of daisies and top rooted weeds

Product Specification

  • Length: 300mm

With a unique heritage and history, Kent & Stowe tools have been built on tradition and crafted for life. 

Kent & Stowe tools have been designed with functionality, performance and aesthetic appeal in mind. High quality stainless steel heads ensure minimal soil adhesion and excellent rust resistance, while tapered handles made from beautiful Ash Wood allow for comfort in use

Style No: 200045

Kent & Stowe Hand Held Daisy Grubber
  • Kent & Stowe Hand Held Daisy Grubber



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