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A Weathervane, wind vane, or weathercock.

From as long ago as the 2nd century BCE weathervanes/wind vanes or weathercocks have been pointing the wind direction perched on the top of buildings, steeples and structures.

Initially people tied a piece of material to their roof to determine the wind direction. This is how the ‘vane’ joined the weather, as it is from an old English word meaning flag.

Weathervanes evolved to include Greek gods, saints, crosses and many other forms. The Rooster became particularly popular and even law at one stage after the story of St Peter and the last supper in biblical passages, (‘Peter would deny Jesus three times “before the rooster crowed’….). The Rooster was considered at the time to be a very suitable symbol of Christianity.

The world’s oldest surviving weathervane is a Rooster that was made in 820 CE. This can be viewed in the former monastery San Salvatore in Brescia-Italy.

Oldest weather vane

The Gallo di Ramperto. (the world’s oldest surviving weathervane).

No longer a law, but still very much a popular weathervane, the Rooster is still seen today.

There are also many other varieties of popular weathervanes that are available to place on top of your house, shed or tiny home.

Here are just some that we have available at Homelandz. Visit our website to view the whole range

Traditional Rooster.

   or a pony   

The horse weathervane is always very popular with equestrians for their tack shed roof.


Rural properties and even some residential dwellers love the cow or a deer .

Proving very popular is this cat weathervane.

Those with a slightly quirky taste love this flying witch and her broomstick.

Or a beautiful Tui or Fantail, very popular with all bird lovers. 


Visit our Weathervane page to purchase your wind direction adornment.


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