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Building a Kitset Garden She Shed

Building a Kitset Garden She Shed

Read an article by Leigh Smart on putting together a kitset shed with her husband Brad

I was really looking forward to seeing how the She Shed fitted together. There is nothing quite like seeing something first hand to get a true visualisation.

The owner had set out a square area with pea metal and timber making a nice base to build the shed on. The first job was to place each pack around the square in its correct position for construction, these had been labelled A, B, C or D walls. We left the roof beams, tiles and sarking boards to one side for later. The window and door we placed carefully to one side also.

Brad found the treated bearers and placed these on the pea metal at the correct distance, using two equal diagonal measurements to make sure it was square. He then screwed the bottom set of wall boards to the bearers to hold it all straight.

After we placed the floor joists in position it was time to start the fun part. I placed the wall boards in their position and Brad came after me to screw them down. Just like a jigsaw puzzle we went around and round. It was really quite fun watching how quick the little wooden building came to life. Once we were six boards up it was time to slide the doors in to place.

Window and Doors in Place-She Shed at Homelandz outlet store.

A quick coffee later we continued going around and round again until it was the windows turn. Before long we had reached the point where it was time to start the first roof joists. These slotted easily across connecting with the angled boards on top of the window and doors. Finally, it was the turn of the ridge beam and it made me feel like 'wow we are really getting somewhere'.

Time for a late lunch before attaching the front and back fascia boards, followed by the roof sarking. Brad ran a string line from front to back to make sure all was straight and I handed him up the roof boards. Two people really made life easier saving climbing up and down ladders. Once this was done the two side fasciae were attached before we started the roof tiles.

Ridge beam, fascia and sarking.


 My job was to cut and hand up, no small task as I had to make sure my measurement was from the right end. Brad did all the placing and nailing and giving me instructions from his perch on the roof. The roof looked really good when it was finished, the pattern of the tiles giving it a classic style.

Roof Tiles- One final set to finish.

All the rest of the construction was pretty much at ground level with floor boards and the finishing touches around the doors and window. A bit of sealer to complete the job and we were finished.

Looking back at our finished She Shed, I wished it was mine. When I do get my own cute wooden building, I reckon I could just about build it myself.

Well maybe I might need a little help from Brad, but not much!


Finished She Shed – Country Living!


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