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Things to know before buying a shed.

Things to know before buying a shed.


  1. First thing first, council consent: You will generally not need a building consent to add an accessory building to your property, Provided the building is less than 10 square meters in floor area. Is more than its height away from all boundaries and other dwellings. Does not contain cooking, sanitary facilities or water supply. If your shed doesn’t meet all these requirements you will need to ask your local council for consent.


  1. Size and purpose: What size shed is going to the best for you and what are you wanting to achieve from your new shed? Extra storage room, a place for gardening equipment, somewhere for you to work or craft from home. Is your property the right size for size of the shed? Where you place your shed, are the doors and windows accessible? Is the location going to block that morning or afternoon sun?



  1. Shed insulation and ground prep: Have you got a level foundation ready for your shed? There are many options to choose from when it comes to groundwork for your shed. Example: grass, concrete pad, gravel pad, skids, blocks or piles for more information on foundations click HERE and for information on insulation click HERE

The most important place to insulate your shed is under the floor, insulation products are easy to find and is inexpensive. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your shed being, comfortable all year round is a must!


  1. Building your shed: Do you have the right tools and safety equipment needed to assemble your shed? Having an extra person to help you isn’t a bad idea either! If you haven’t built a shed before just bear in mind that the first one does take longer as you read the instructions, familiarise yourself with the plans and materials. Hiring a building to build your shed for you can speed up the processes but this can come with extra costs. When you purchase a shed, full instructions are given along with a component box and a video tutorial on the build. There is also a list of kitset assembly builders you can contact by clicking HERE, give one of them a call and they will give you a quote. There are other places you can look for a builder, google, trade me, social media.




  1. Dispatch and delivery: Once you have checked off these four points it’s time to purchase. She Shed can deliver your shed to your location with the help of freight company if a large six-wheeler truck can access your property, just make sure you have two people available on delivery day to hand unload the two pallets that it will arrive on. The other option is to collect your shed from your local freight branch with a large tandem axle trailer.




  1. Shed Maintenance: Now that your shed has arrived, are you going to start building it right away? If not, keep it out of the sun and rain, as the wood is not treated yet! Once the shed is built, the timber will need to be protected with a good quality primer / paint and or a clear sealant for weather protection. To keep your shed in the best condition a repaint once a year or so will keep it looking fresh and new!


SheShed has excellent customer service with help available every step of the way.


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Benefits of a Wooden Shed for storage.

Benefits of a Wooden Shed for storage.

Wooden storage sheds are becoming increasingly popular because they’re the perfect solution for anyone who needs to clear out space within the home. Maybe you’re looking

for a garden shed with a place to keep all your tools, or a space for you to have your very own craft shed where you can work and enjoy your hobbies.


The most popular size She Sheds is 3x3m with a floor area of 9m2, which gives you plenty of options on how you would like your storage to work and make it most versatile for you.



Helen fitted out her craft shed with well presented shelving units andv clear storage boxes for buttons, tapes and laces for all sorts of her craft projects.

Shelving units, wardrobes, with large and small drawers are perfect for craft sheds, keeping all your arts and craft belongings organized and in easy reach, different sizes for all different objects. Now you can spend more time creating rather than searching. Who doesn’t enjoy a de cluttered workspace?

The artistic Sirpa has created some under bed storage for supplies - fantastic idea!

If your wanting to transform your She Shed into a garden shed, adding hooks along the side walls will give you space to hang all your equipment, giving you that extra floor space while you’re busy at the work bench. No more fumbling around trying to find what you need, safe and secure is the way!


Love Kates self-made racks for her shed hanging up Bee Keeping equipment and Garden Tools

In a garden or tool shed a memory board is a great way of keeping tools in order and in place!


A shed is a perfect space for a library, a quite place to read alone. Plenty of wall space for tall book shelves.

A She Shed for storage can have endless possibilities, you will be surprised with how space – efficient it can become. The design is totally up to you to decide!

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Increase your income with a Glamping Hut!

New Zealand’s great outdoors makes a perfect backdrop for one of the biggest tourist growth areas Glamping.


Glamorous camping; meaning candles, an outdoor fire, a hot tub and lovely food, combined with a rustic but luxurious place to stay has become the holiday dream of many visitors. It can bring in a tidy income for those who wish to share their beautiful outdoor spaces with others. If you own a farm or a rural property you may be looking for a lifestyle where you can host guests and show them a true natural side of NZ.   Imagine little huts dotted beside the river or overlooking a scenic outlook of beautiful green farmland.

Glamping by the river

A fire heated outdoor bath, BBQ, cute SheShed and matching composting toilet makes the perfect river retreat.

For a relatively small outgoing expenditure you can bring in a tidy wee profit. Most people want their outdoor escape to be private and if they have everything they need, along with a luxury feel, they will be happiest when left alone to explore, relax and enjoy what you have to offer.

Bush Glamping

Come home to a bottle of wine and a warm bath after a day of tramping with a luxury glamping cabin in the bush

Wine and luxury

If you have the space, you can add more than one cabin to accommodate larger groups and families. Glamping huts are perfect for an investment property or an escape of the grid.  Perfect for batches or huts by the beach

3 sheds

Glamping for all the family in a beautiful remote spot.

Imagine being in the trees! listening to the birds as the sun comes up.

This is possible with a kitset shed and the results can be amazing.

in the trees

The Gully Hut! Luxury at its finest.

Gully hutt

As Glamping suggests, its not just about the outdoor experience, it is the total package. Wonderful views, enjoyed in a beautiful space, relaxing with great food. Watching the sun go down and enjoying the night sky. A hot bath or shower, followed by a comfortable bed, a book and the sounds of nature.



Make your Glamping accommodation something to remember by being unique.


So, if you live in a beautiful part of the country, from the far north to the wild country of the south, why not share your own piece of heaven and make a little bit of cash adding some glamping huts to your land.

It is not hard to find that others have taken this idea by storm, Stuff have put together a blog on their pick for the top ten. Watch the video and become inspired, see what can be done with a little bit of imagination.

Its not that hard with a kitset wooden Sheshed.

Buy yours now!

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A Weathervane, wind vane, or weathercock.

From as long ago as the 2nd century BCE weathervanes/wind vanes or weathercocks have been pointing the wind direction perched on the top of buildings, steeples and structures.

Initially people tied a piece of material to their roof to determine the wind direction. This is how the ‘vane’ joined the weather, as it is from an old English word meaning flag.

Weathervanes evolved to include Greek gods, saints, crosses and many other forms. The Rooster became particularly popular and even law at one stage after the story of St Peter and the last supper in biblical passages, (‘Peter would deny Jesus three times “before the rooster crowed’….). The Rooster was considered at the time to be a very suitable symbol of Christianity.

The world’s oldest surviving weathervane is a Rooster that was made in 820 CE. This can be viewed in the former monastery San Salvatore in Brescia-Italy.

Oldest weather vane

The Gallo di Ramperto. (the world’s oldest surviving weathervane).

No longer a law, but still very much a popular weathervane, the Rooster is still seen today.

There are also many other varieties of popular weathervanes that are available to place on top of your house, shed or tiny home.


Here are just some that we have available at Homelandz.


Traditional Rooster.

The horse weathervane is always very popular with equestrians for their tack shed roof.


Rural properties and even some residential dwellers love the cow.

cat & mouse

Proving very popular is a cat and mouse weathervane.


Those with a slightly quirky taste love this flying witch and her broomstick.

Or the beautiful Mermaid with her Dolphins.


We also have some up-market Copper and Brass varieties including,


A deer.








And the iconic Rooster to bring in the dawn.

Visit our Weathervane page to purchase your wind direction adornment.

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Which Shed is best? Resin, Metal or Wood.


So, you have decided to buy a shed. Now comes the hard part, what shed will best suit your needs, while staying in budget.

Do you go Resin, Metal or Wood? There are pros and cons for each and at the end of the day the choice is yours. Here are a few of our thoughts on each.


Plastic or Resin Sheds.

Resin Shed

Easy to assemble with a modern design and low maintenance, when they get dirty you just need to give them a wash down.

According to the supplier the UV protection prevents colour deterioration. Air vents keep the interior fresh and they are weatherproof.

The floor made of a resin mixed with extra toughening is meant to be able to withstand heavy objects like lawnmowers and motorbikes.

A downside for some would be the ‘playhouse feel’ and you must use stand-alone shelving for storage.

Your colour choice is limited.

It would also be interesting to see how well the UV protection does stand up to wear and tear and colour fade as you cannot paint a Resin Shed. (apart from the Duotech range).

Metal Sheds.

Metal Shed

Metal sheds are long lasting and easy to assemble. There should be very little maintenance (provided installation is done correctly).

They resist extreme temperatures and are light and easy to move.

Although probably not the best-looking sheds PVC and Vinyl coatings are helping to improve the look. Though they do feel a little flimsy to other types of sheds.

Some tin sheds are not rust resistant and this can become a problem as you need the proper tools to modify or repair.

Stand alone shelving is also needed for storage options.

Wooden Sheds.

Kitset wooden cabin

One of the main advantages of a wooden shed is its appearance, coming in many design options you can customise to suit your taste. Although they do need a lot more maintenance than their Resin or tin cousins, you can paint or stain in your own choice of colours.

You can make your wooden shed unique with window boxes, trellis and finials, adding a personal touch.

Easily lined, wooden sheds can become sleepouts, home offices and more.

Shelving, cupboards and pictures can be easily attached to the wooden walls.

Although usually slightly more expensive they have a warm, robust feel that a Resin or Tin shed cannot give.

You do need some tools and skills to put a wooden shed together.

Maintenance is the key to a wooden shed to protect the timber from the elements of time. If looked after correctly they will give 15 plus years of good service.  

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