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A Weathervane, wind vane, or weathercock.

From as long ago as the 2nd century BCE weathervanes/wind vanes or weathercocks have been pointing the wind direction perched on the top of buildings, steeples and structures.

Initially people tied a piece of material to their roof to determine the wind direction. This is how the ‘vane’ joined the weather, as it is from an old English word meaning flag.

Weathervanes evolved to include Greek gods, saints, crosses and many other forms. The Rooster became particularly popular and even law at one stage after the story of St Peter and the last supper in biblical passages, (‘Peter would deny Jesus three times “before the rooster crowed’….). The Rooster was considered at the time to be a very suitable symbol of Christianity.

The world’s oldest surviving weathervane is a Rooster that was made in 820 CE. This can be viewed in the former monastery San Salvatore in Brescia-Italy.

Oldest weather vane

The Gallo di Ramperto. (the world’s oldest surviving weathervane).

No longer a law, but still very much a popular weathervane, the Rooster is still seen today.

There are also many other varieties of popular weathervanes that are available to place on top of your house, shed or tiny home.


Here are just some that we have available at Homelandz.


Traditional Rooster.

The horse weathervane is always very popular with equestrians for their tack shed roof.


Rural properties and even some residential dwellers love the cow.

cat & mouse

Proving very popular is a cat and mouse weathervane.


Those with a slightly quirky taste love this flying witch and her broomstick.

Or the beautiful Mermaid with her Dolphins.


We also have some up-market Copper and Brass varieties including,


A deer.








And the iconic Rooster to bring in the dawn.

Visit our Weathervane page to purchase your wind direction adornment.

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Which Shed is best? Resin, Metal or Wood.


So, you have decided to buy a shed. Now comes the hard part, what shed will best suit your needs, while staying in budget.

Do you go Resin, Metal or Wood? There are pros and cons for each and at the end of the day the choice is yours. Here are a few of our thoughts on each.


Plastic or Resin Sheds.

Resin Shed

Easy to assemble with a modern design and low maintenance, when they get dirty you just need to give them a wash down.

According to the supplier the UV protection prevents colour deterioration. Air vents keep the interior fresh and they are weatherproof.

The floor made of a resin mixed with extra toughening is meant to be able to withstand heavy objects like lawnmowers and motorbikes.

A downside for some would be the ‘playhouse feel’ and you must use stand-alone shelving for storage.

Your colour choice is limited.

It would also be interesting to see how well the UV protection does stand up to wear and tear and colour fade as you cannot paint a Resin Shed. (apart from the Duotech range).

Metal Sheds.

Metal Shed

Metal sheds are long lasting and easy to assemble. There should be very little maintenance (provided installation is done correctly).

They resist extreme temperatures and are light and easy to move.

Although probably not the best-looking sheds PVC and Vinyl coatings are helping to improve the look. Though they do feel a little flimsy to other types of sheds.

Some tin sheds are not rust resistant and this can become a problem as you need the proper tools to modify or repair.

Stand alone shelving is also needed for storage options.

Wooden Sheds.

Kitset wooden cabin

One of the main advantages of a wooden shed is its appearance, coming in many design options you can customise to suit your taste. Although they do need a lot more maintenance than their Resin or tin cousins, you can paint or stain in your own choice of colours.

You can make your wooden shed unique with window boxes, trellis and finials, adding a personal touch.

Easily lined, wooden sheds can become sleepouts, home offices and more.

Shelving, cupboards and pictures can be easily attached to the wooden walls.

Although usually slightly more expensive they have a warm, robust feel that a Resin or Tin shed cannot give.

You do need some tools and skills to put a wooden shed together.

Maintenance is the key to a wooden shed to protect the timber from the elements of time. If looked after correctly they will give 15 plus years of good service.  

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Running a business from home with your home office.

There’s plenty of upsides for working from home, including a flexible working environment, savings with no commuting costs and time wasted travelling.

From having worked in both a busy, lively, vibrant office and now from a cozy home office, I can detail the differences and the positive benefits working from home brings.

  1. Flexible working environment, I can work mornings, evenings or weekends as its fits into my busy weekly schedule.
  2. Cost Savings; No fuel, transport or commuting costs.
  3. Employees; people’s stress doesn’t eat you. You don’t hear about issues that don’t concern you, you’re not in sight for people to come and download on matters that you’re not involved in.
  4. Focus

If the home office is in a shed, being separate to your home allows you to shut the door on your work at any time. You then can have uninterrupted family or social time.

As we have detailed in our previous blog ‘The wooden shed brings small business home’. There are many options to what you can do in a home business.

If you have got a talent; such as dressmaking, art or want to think seriously about selling products from your home, a cabin to do this may be the answer. 

View the photos below for ideas.

The Dog Spa

Dog Spa

A fully kitted out spa with power to run their business from home.  

Imagine the savings not having to lease out a building!

The Graphic Designer

Graphic designer

The Business Man (or Women) Are you a broker, Real Estate Agent,

Finance Adviser, Designer? --- this maybe your inspiration for your next home office.

Event Planner/Hire business 

Event/ Hire

A beautiful space to talk to customers.

The Beauty Salon

Beauty salon

Work from home with hours that suit you!

Craft Shop

Craft shop

Sell your crafts from home-no hidden costs.



No stress, non invasive healing.



Make your talent work for you.

If you are thinking of working from home and need a kitset shed, talk to us today on 0800 626 500 – we have plenty of photos that may inspire you to create and set up your own work space!

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How easy is it to build a SheShed?

With step by step instructions, a great video link and awesome customer support when you have those "what do I do?" moments, putting together one of our kitset wooden sheds couldn't be easier.

Just ask one of our happy customers!

Penny's Shed 

'I'd just like to add that I was 68 years old when I put it together (69 now!) so that must be testament to how well your sheds are made - if a 68-year-old woman can put one together on her own, anyone can do it!' ~ Penny Rawlins

Detailed instructions come with the shed.

From the ground up, the tongue and groove timber fits together just like a jigsaw puzzle. Around you go until it's time to slide in the door and window. 
You will have a lot of fun watching how quick your little wooden building comes to life. 

Adding windows and doors

Pre-cut roof beams, sarking and fascia make the roofing job straight forward.

sarking & roof beams

Our asphalt tiles make the shed roof waterproof and add to the stylish classic look.

Roof tiles

Plus a video link.

Sheshed assembly

Watch our great video of the shed being built here.......

Then make it your own!.

Black & white shedWhite and yellow

Brown shedArt shed

Any Questions?

Our team are happy to help

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Kent & Stowe Tools crafted for life!

Kent & Stowe Logo

When you are working in the garden life becomes so much easier if you have the right tool for the job. With the Kent & Stowe tool range, you know you are using a quality tool that has been built with tradition in mind. These tools are crafted to last a lifetime if they are looked after correctly.

Designed in the UK these high-quality garden tools are made of stainless and carbon steel. Let’s look at the range available to Homelandz and the job they are designed for.

K&S Digging spade


The K&S Digging spade is the ideal tool for digging, turning soil and if you are having drainage problems and need to dig some ditches, this is the spade for the job. The beautiful ash timber handle makes this spade easy to use.

Length: 1110mm

Head Size: 290 x 177mm

Blade thickness: 2.5mm

K&S Digging Fork

A perfect mate to go with your spade is the K&S Digging fork. With its stainless-steel prongs and ash handle this larger fork is perfect for cultivation, turning the soil over, aerating beds and breaking up soil in the vegetable garden.

Length: 1110mm

Head Size: 300 x 170 mm

K&S Border spade

The smaller but no less useful K&S Border spade works well for marking out borders and beds, cultivation, soil turning and the never-ending winter job of improving drainage. The comfortable ash handle improves performance and being smaller and lighter a great spade for those not wanting anything too heavy.


Head Size: 225 x 140mm

Blade thickness: 2.5mm

K&S Border Fork

Next on the list is the matching K&S Border fork to go with the spade.

Again, ideal to use for borders and beds, soil turning, cultivation, aerating and breaking up soil. The lovely ash handle makes this fork great to hold.

Length: 1040mm

Head Size: 227 x 137mm

K&S Hand shears

The K&S Hand shears, with the traditional wooden handles and non-stick blades made from carbon steel, trim hedges and shrubbery effortlessly.

The K&S Midi Hand Fork is a very innovated tool that gives you much longer reach, awesome for those hard to get places like the back of borders and raised beds. The contoured ash handle for a comfortable grip when planting and weeding.

Length: 580mm

K&S Midi Hand Fork

K&S Daisy grubber

The K&S Hand Held Daisy Grubber is the ideal tool to remove weeds that have a large tap root. The handle, that has been contoured, provides a nice grip for leverage.

Length: 300mm      

K&S Potting scoop

With the K&S Potting Scoop you can scoop compost, seeds and soil from one container to another with ease.

Length: 330 mm  

For garden beds, planting bulbs & seedlings you need the K&S Hand trowel.

Length: 320mm

K&S Hand trowel


And to help with the job is the K&S Hand fork.

Length: 315mm

K&S Hand Fork

The K&S Transplant trowel has measurements engraved that help with depth when planting bulbs and seedlings. A very useful tool with minimal soil adhesion making planting simple.

Length: 325mm

K&S Transplant trowel


When it comes to planting bulbs, bedding plants or seed potatoes a K&S Bulb Planter with its neat wooden handle and serrated metal edge makes for fast planting. The measurement scale gives an accurate depth that is important in planting.

K&S Bulb planter


Winter is a great time for pruning and this job can be done with a pair of K&S Bypass Secateurs. With a cutting diameter of 18 mm you will be able to deadhead, prune and take cuttings for next seasons plants.

K&S Bypass secateurs

All Kent and Stowe tools come with a guarantee so if you look after them, they will look after you. It always pays to buy quality, not just for ease of use but to have something that lasts.

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