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Kent & Stowe Tools crafted for life!

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When you are working in the garden life becomes so much easier if you have the right tool for the job. With the Kent & Stowe tool range, you know you are using a quality tool that has been built with tradition in mind. These tools are crafted to last a lifetime if they are looked after correctly.

Designed in the UK these high-quality garden tools are made of stainless and carbon steel. Let’s look at the range available to Homelandz and the job they are designed for.

K&S Digging spade


The K&S Digging spade is the ideal tool for digging, turning soil and if you are having drainage problems and need to dig some ditches, this is the spade for the job. The beautiful ash timber handle makes this spade easy to use.

Length: 1110mm

Head Size: 290 x 177mm

Blade thickness: 2.5mm

K&S Digging Fork

A perfect mate to go with your spade is the K&S Digging fork. With its stainless-steel prongs and ash handle this larger fork is perfect for cultivation, turning the soil over, aerating beds and breaking up soil in the vegetable garden.

Length: 1110mm

Head Size: 300 x 170 mm

K&S Border spade

The smaller but no less useful K&S Border spade works well for marking out borders and beds, cultivation, soil turning and the never-ending winter job of improving drainage. The comfortable ash handle improves performance and being smaller and lighter a great spade for those not wanting anything too heavy.


Head Size: 225 x 140mm

Blade thickness: 2.5mm

K&S Border Fork

Next on the list is the matching K&S Border fork to go with the spade.

Again, ideal to use for borders and beds, soil turning, cultivation, aerating and breaking up soil. The lovely ash handle makes this fork great to hold.

Length: 1040mm

Head Size: 227 x 137mm

K&S Hand shears

The K&S Hand shears, with the traditional wooden handles and non-stick blades made from carbon steel, trim hedges and shrubbery effortlessly.

The K&S Midi Hand Fork is a very innovated tool that gives you much longer reach, awesome for those hard to get places like the back of borders and raised beds. The contoured ash handle for a comfortable grip when planting and weeding.

Length: 580mm

K&S Midi Hand Fork

K&S Daisy grubber

The K&S Hand Held Daisy Grubber is the ideal tool to remove weeds that have a large tap root. The handle, that has been contoured, provides a nice grip for leverage.

Length: 300mm      

K&S Potting scoop

With the K&S Potting Scoop you can scoop compost, seeds and soil from one container to another with ease.

Length: 330 mm  

For garden beds, planting bulbs & seedlings you need the K&S Hand trowel.

Length: 320mm

K&S Hand trowel


And to help with the job is the K&S Hand fork.

Length: 315mm

K&S Hand Fork

The K&S Transplant trowel has measurements engraved that help with depth when planting bulbs and seedlings. A very useful tool with minimal soil adhesion making planting simple.

Length: 325mm

K&S Transplant trowel


When it comes to planting bulbs, bedding plants or seed potatoes a K&S Bulb Planter with its neat wooden handle and serrated metal edge makes for fast planting. The measurement scale gives an accurate depth that is important in planting.

K&S Bulb planter


Winter is a great time for pruning and this job can be done with a pair of K&S Bypass Secateurs. With a cutting diameter of 18 mm you will be able to deadhead, prune and take cuttings for next seasons plants.

K&S Bypass secateurs

All Kent and Stowe tools come with a guarantee so if you look after them, they will look after you. It always pays to buy quality, not just for ease of use but to have something that lasts.

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Macrocarpa Raised kitset gardens

With spring just around the corner and the days getting longer and warmer, now is the time to start thinking about your garden. Save money, provide a healthy option for yourself and your family by growing your own food. There is nothing nicer than fresh home grown produce that you have nurtured yourself.

For those of us with limited space, or if you want to add some structure to an existing garden you can’t go past our locally made Macrocarpa garden beds. Macrocarpa has a natural durability and provides a chemical free option that is so important especially when you are growing edible foods.

Home gardening is great for those with children, you can provide a good base for self-sufficiency by involving them in the growing process. They will be very proud when the vegetables they have watched grow are served up in the family meal. You also might be pleasantly surprised at the change of attitude when it comes to eating those same vegetables!

Macrocarpa Raised Kitset Garden planted with vegetables

Macrocarpa Raised Kitset Garden planted with vegetables

Kitset gardens will look lovely planted with flowers, added to existing gardens or as a feature garden in an entrance way for a business or private home. Be creative with your kitset garden, the beauty is you can change the look with the seasons.

Daffodils bring a feeling of spring in an entrance kitset garden.

Daffodils bring a feeling of spring in an entrance kitset garden.

You can create a beautiful potager garden by joining several kitset gardens together. Vegetables can make a stunning statement when planted in groups, providing colour and structure. Plant vegetables, herbs and flowers to make your kitchen potager a delight to look at as well as providing edible fresh food to eat. A very simple but effective way to have a vegetable garden, great for those who find kneeling an issue, just sit on the edge for weeding or picking. Place bark or gravel between each garden to provide added texture with the bonus of walkways without mud.

Potager garden

Potager garden providing colour, taste and smell.

Get some great ideas from

Veggie patch with panache as written by By Laura McKoy

How to design a Potager garden by Ann Marie Hendry

You can have a beautiful space that you have designed yourself.

Have fun with plants and in return they will provide visual splendour, smell and food in abundance.

Homelandz Macrocarpa Kitset gardens

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Tiny Houses making life an adventure.


Tiny Sheshed, the ultimate small space.

For some it is financially driven, many wish to reduce their environmental footprint, while others wish to downsize their life making it easier to enjoy travel and adventure without being tied to never ending mortgage payments.

For this writer, it was a lifestyle choice that evolved over time. After downsizing to a smaller property and ditching the mortgage, the intent was to build a new house while living in a bus. Nearly a year along and the financial and personal freedom that has come from not having a massive mortgage, has far outweighed the need to build that flash home.

Writers 1950 Bedford Bus heading to new home and new life.

With New Zealand home ownership becoming less and less affordable for many kiwis, perhaps we need to look at things from a different perspective and ask the question-Do we really need that big house and crippling mortgage? The Tiny House Movement would answer -a definite No!!

Environmentally it has never been more important to reduce our earth footprint. Why not make a positive change and go small? This does not mean you must do without life’s luxuries, just refine it to maximise space and function.

Tiny luxury living.

So, what defines a Tiny House? Typically, it is not usually larger than 46m2. It can be a bus, truck, small building or a house on wheels. The historic Yurt has even made small living possible for many families.

The Yurt-originated in central Asia.

If you choose to build your Tiny Home on wheels you would need to follow Transport agency guidelines for towing. A great FAQ on trailer sizes and buying a trailer for Tiny Homes can be found on the below links.

Cute Tiny House on a trailer

The beauty of having your tiny home on wheels is that it can come with you if you move. You would have to decide if the cost of building a trailer, meeting the requirements of the transport agency, would out way the costs of getting a removal company to simply pick up your tiny home and put it on a truck. 

‘Lucy’ the tiny New Zealand house on moving day.

The above YouTube link will show you Lucy on moving day.

Lucy's Basic Measurements sourced from

‘These tiny trailer house plans are based on the trailer we used for Lucy. The trailer measures 7.2m by 2.4m (23'7.5" by 7'10.5") giving a floor area of 17.3m2 (186 sqft) and is rated to carry 3.5 tonnes. The total height of the timber framing is 3743mm (12'3"). It was designed for the additional height of the trailer and roof cladding to be below 4.25m (13'11") the legal limit in New Zealand. As far as we are aware, this would make it legal in most other countries.’

Tiny home living may have taken the world by storm, but it is not new. Many cultures have been living with the view ‘less is more’ for centuries. Some of us feel it has never been more important to now return to those values. For those contemplating making the move, try it! – the choices you can make with your own small space are limitless.

Horse and carriage-Writers personal favourite.

Don’t limit your imagination to just one room. Some small space owners choose to have multiple small buildings defining their living area. These can be stand alone or interconnected, read our How do I join two sheds together? Blog for some great ideas on joining two or more sheds together.

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How do I join my two She sheds together?

The wooden She shed is the perfect size room and it can even be used for accommodation. It fits a double, queen and with its 3 x 3 meter size can even fit a king size bed. For those who are following the tiny spaces trend for home living, maybe one small wooden shed is not enough!

The question often asked is…How do I join two sheds together?

The simplest and most cost-effective way would be to join your sheds with a deck. Two or more sheds could be connected by a common courtyard. If you placed your two sheds opposite each other you could also cover your deck area to make a weatherproof walkway.

A great idea that also has practical value, would be to connect two sheds with a carport. This would make a great car and storage space, something always needed and normally what we don’t have enough of.

If you want to get a bit more technical you could opt for a Gambrel roof to join two existing sheds.

Depending how close you placed your two sheds you would need to cut some of the sarking and fascia boards to fit.

By shortening the roof on one side of each shed you could bolt them together side by side.

This would require a flashing and spouting to take away roof water.

If you didn’t mind a gap between your two sheds you could dispense with shortening the roof and just place them together. 

The same flashing and spouting would be needed to take water away. Sitting a water tank at the back of your shed to collect the water would save on a soak pit being put in.

With building costs sky rocketing over recent years many people are choosing a smaller more environmental option. This cute wooden shed brings a great looking space to the tiny spaces trend that will definitely fit the budget.


This is written to the best knowledge and research of the writer. Sheshed and Homelandz take no responsibility for misguided, misused information. It is advised you get recommendation from a registered builder before undertaking any such work. You must also research what consents may be needed from your local council.

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Head over Heels for a SheShed.

Our first She Shed customer Sue, who was from our hometown of Nelson had been saving up for a while to buy something special just for herself.  The minute she saw our two sheds standing at the Homelandz outlet store she fell head over heels in love and knew this was what she wanted.

With a little help from family, her dream became a reality when local builder Brad put the little wooden kitset building together. Sue chose to stain her She Shed a golden colour and it sits beautifully in her garden.

‘I think my little house is so beautiful. The lovely honey coloured wood makes it look like a chalet or little pioneer cabin’ (Sue)

Originally Sue was going to use her Cabin as a craft room/studio, the classic look fitting well with her vintage chair and other crafts. The perfect inspiration for painting and drawing. Her own space where she could shut the door, dream and work in piece.

Instead Sue’s delightful small space has become a haven from the craft clutter that sometimes fills her house. With only a few of her special things to surround her, Sue finds solace in the clean, uncluttered outside room that this shed provides. A wonderful place to get away from it all, to relax and recharge. 

Sue loves nothing more than to sit in her lovely old chair and read, or enjoy a cup of tea. She is still head over heels in love with her own She Shed.

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